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Who are we?

We are more than a recruitment company. We are the driving force behind a paradigm shift in how companies hire top talent.

At RECREX, we believe in transforming the landscape of the labor market. It's no longer solely about securing a job; it's about discovering a career that ignites your passion. Likewise, for companies, it's not merely about finding a suitable candidate; it's about locating someone who seamlessly aligns with your culture and vision.

We take immense pride in prioritizing more than just a candidate's skills and experience. We genuinely value personality, core values, and ambition. Our aim is to ensure that both candidates and companies feel cherished and supported throughout the entire process. Our approach sets us apart, as we focus not only on the end result, but also on the means, leading to superior outcomes. We aspire to make a tangible impact on the job market by becoming catalysts for change. At RECREX, we are dedicated to crafting a hiring process that is invigorating, human-centered, and efficient.

RECREX emerged as a rebellious response to an impersonal and dehumanizing market. We adamantly reject the notion of recruitment being reduced to a mere transaction. Our mission is to demonstrate that we have the power to reshape how exceptional talent connects with the most innovative companies. We are here to forge a new path, where individuals are valued for their unique skills, personality, and ambition, and where creativity thrives, fostering a culture of success.



Welcome to RECREX, where we are poised to spearhead the revolution of the job market.


Corriendo en la ciudad


The tale of RECREX is born from a vivid dream. A dream to revolutionize the way businesses and candidates engage in the labor market. A dream to construct a brighter future for all job seekers and those in pursuit of exceptional talent.

In an increasingly dehumanized and profit-driven job market, we spotted a remarkable opportunity to make an indelible impact. It became apparent that candidates were reduced to mere statistics on paper, while companies focused solely on skills and experience, disregarding the candidate's essence, values, and ambition. We adamantly refused to accept this reality.

At RECREX, we firmly believe in the profound power of human talent and the imperative to place individuals at the heart of the equation. We aspire to instill a sense of value and care within both companies and candidates. Our aim is to cultivate enduring relationships founded on trust, respect, and unwavering empathy.

And so, we decided to take bold action. We set out to create RECREX, a recruitment and selection agency with an unwavering focus on the human element. An agency that recognizes each candidate as a distinct and extraordinary individual, and every company as a partner in the pursuit of the perfect talent.

Since our inception, we have toiled relentlessly to forge a distinctive enterprise, a company guided by unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and integrity. We have harnessed innovative technology and pioneered cutting-edge processes to refine and expedite the selection journey. Our passionate and devoted team, who share our values and vision, has been the driving force behind our achievements.

But our story does not culminate here. Our journey persists—an unyielding dedication to improvement, innovation, and the profound transformation of the labor market in a positive and enduring manner.

For at RECREX, we wholeheartedly believe in the extraordinary power of human talent to reshape the world.



At RECREX, we are driven by a mission to empower both companies and individuals to find their rightful place in today's dynamic job market.

We wholeheartedly commit to working closely with our clients, comprehending their unique needs, and delivering customized and tailored hiring solutions.

Our unwavering dedication lies in ensuring that each candidate is provided with the opportunity to discover their ideal job, receiving unwavering support and guidance throughout the entire hiring process.

At the core of our philosophy is a person-centric and quality-driven approach, where we strive for the mutual success of both companies and candidates in their quest.

Our vision extends beyond mere recruitment; we aspire to be the pivotal connection linking exceptional talent with the forefront of innovation. With unshakeable trust and a transformative outlook, we are committed to being a trusted partner and an influential force in shaping the landscape of the job market.



At RECREX, we firmly believe in cultivating a more humane and equitable job market, where the values and personality of candidates are cherished just as much as their skills and experience.

Our unwavering vision is to revolutionize the current job market, crafting a landscape that is accessible and fair to all through innovative recruitment and personalized selection solutions.

We aspire to be the vanguard in reshaping the hiring process, empowering both companies and candidates to unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable success.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we provide exceptional service that centers on the utmost satisfaction and triumph of our clients. We endeavor to be the trusted partner, guiding companies and candidates towards tailored solutions that precisely align with their distinct needs.



At RECREX, we embrace a culture of collaborative and enriching work for our team and clients. We foster a positive and respectful work environment that nurtures and promotes creativity, continuous learning, and professional and personal development.

Moreover, we are deeply committed to the well-being of our employees. We provide a healthy and balanced workplace, ensuring our team members have the necessary resources for their professional growth. We firmly believe that a happy and thriving team is fundamental in delivering exceptional service to our clients and candidates.

Diversity and inclusion are core values we hold dear. We recognize that these values enable us to approach business and societal challenges with a broader perspective. Furthermore, we strive to provide equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, religion, or disability.


Operations and Administration Leader


My unwavering passion for transforming the job market and driving innovation stems from my childhood in Alicante, where my fascination with the human mind, freedom, justice, and the future first took root.

Throughout my life's journey, I have had the privilege of residing in various European regions, bestowing upon me diverse perspectives and invaluable personal and professional experiences. Equipped with a solid academic foundation in Psychology and HR with a specialization in Organizational and Talent Management, I possess a profound understanding of the pivotal role that the human element plays in the workplace. Working closely with renowned corporations and pioneering ventures, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges and opportunities that organizations encounter in their pursuit of exceptional talent.

It is this wealth of experience that fuelled the inception of RECREX, driven by a resolute belief that the hiring process should transcend conventional norms. I firmly advocate for a more human-centred, fair, transparent, and exhilarating approach, recognizing the power of listening attentively to the unique stories and aspirations of both candidates and companies alike. By forging collaborative partnerships, we craft tailor-made hiring solutions that exceed expectations.


As the one of the visionary leaders at the helm of RECREX, I am deeply committed to fostering an inclusive and synergistic corporate culture, where every team member is not only valued but also respected. I foster an environment that nurtures well-being, proactivity, creativity, and cultivates forward-thinking and innovative ideas. Constantly at the forefront of emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies, we strive to remain trailblazers in the industry.

My unwavering resolve is to leave an indelible mark on the world of work, providing candidates and companies with an unparalleled and meaningful hiring experience.


Together, let us embark on this transformative journey, building a future where the possibilities of the job market are limitless!

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