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Our Approach and Workflow

Discover how we ensure that you acquire the best talent for your company.

In this section, you will gain insights into our meticulous working method, where our aim is not only to fulfill your staffing needs but also to find the ideal candidate who will contribute to your long-term success.

It all starts with a brief interview with one of our experts, where we dive into your vision and requirements. Once the case is accepted, we streamline the process by providing you with user-friendly forms to complete. From there, we take the reins and handle every aspect of the process on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on your business priorities.


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Active Posting and Targeted Search

We conduct an extensive search leveraging our vast network of contacts and strategically place job advertisements on popular employment high-traffic portals that align with the specific profile we are seeking. Moreover, we take a proactive approach by reaching out to professionals currently employed in other organizations who possess the qualifications and skills required for the position, always respecting your confidentiality until the completion of the process, if desired.


Initial Screening

Once we have gathered a sufficient number of high-quality job applications, we will conduct an initial screening to identify the candidates who best match the profile you are seeking. This process allows us to streamline the selection process by promptly eliminating candidates who do not meet the basic requirements of the position.

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Psychometric Assessments

Candidates who successfully pass the initial screening will undergo a series of psychometric assessments, including competency evaluations, aptitude tests, and personality assessments.

These assessments are meticulously designed and evaluated by our team of experts to gauge the essential skills and competencies necessary for the position and align them with the unique requirements of your company.


Thorough and Detailed Individual Interviews

Once the psychometric assessments have been completed, we will conduct comprehensive individual interviews with each candidate.

During these interviews, we will assess the candidate's overall profile, technical aptitude, and situational skills, in alignment with the job specifications and your company's requirements.



Reference and Background Check

To ensure the authenticity of each candidate's information, we will request and meticulously evaluate references from the candidate's former employers. Additionally, we will conduct a background check to verify criminal records.

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Report Compilation and Delivery of Final Candidates

6.1) Profesiogram

After conducting a thorough analysis and evaluation of the gathered information through the previous stages, we will create a comprehensive professional profile report for each final candidate.

The Profesiogram is a technical-administrative document developed by our experts. It showcases the candidate's skills, competencies, personality traits, and specific capabilities that are ideal for the target job position and the company. This report presents a clear and concise understanding of how the candidate's qualifications align with the requirements of the role.

6.2) Detailed report for each final candidate:

This report provides an in-depth summary of each final candidate, encompassing all relevant information. It emphasizes their strengths and weaknesses, highlighting how they can contribute to the company's success both in the present and future.

6.3) Comprehensive Process Report:

A comprehensive report will be provided on the process undertaken, highlighting the detailed management of each stage and the strategic decisions made to ensure a successful process.

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